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How to Cook Children: A Grisly Recipe Book - Martin Howard, Colin Stimpson This was much longer than it needed to be. It was kind of a one joke idea turned into 80 pages. I think a standard 32 page picture book would have been sufficient. I also think the text itself was way too long. I ended up skimming it. There were cute plays on words, but it just went on too long. The recipes, too, weren't written recipe style, which I think would have been funnier, easier to read, and made more sense. Instead there was more and more text.

The illustrations, however, were amazing. They were very beautiful,funny, and I enjoyed leafing through them. However, there was one stereotyped image that was offensive. While many cultural stereotypes were portrayed, a german with long blond braids, a Cajun Voodoo witch, the drawing of the Japanese witch, with squinting slanted eyes, was the only one that used genetic physical traits in a comic manner ala Little Black Sambo. The book would have been three stars but I docked it one for that particular image.