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Wicked Gentlemen (Hells Below) - Ginn Hale Wow. This was amazing. This was true literature, the beauty of the prose still lingers with me. It's made me doubt my own abilities as a writer.

It also had everything I love: unique world building in a modern fantasy framework (as opposed to epic or high fantasy), suspense, murder, mayhem, a broken protagonist, characters that are unique and that I love, unusual theme, etc. I had no idea how they would get to a point where anything worked out at the end, right up until the epilogue.

My favorite character, Belimai isn't in the second half as much but other than that, that section was in some ways even better than the first. I want a sequel very very very much.

I loved the thing with the hat. You'll just have to read it to see what I mean.

The book is really funny, too. Here are some of my favorite quotes (and she even breaks some writing rules and it doesn't matter).

"Your rooms look good," Harper said, "Did you paint the walls white?"
"No. I just washed them."
"Hmm..." --pg. 211

No matter who came through the door, the secretary seemed to have a form for him to fill out. I had completed mine in the first minute of entering the room by simply leaving the questions unanswered and printing my name at the top of the page in the kind of deformed, clumsy script that screamed of illiteracy.

At that time I had thought I was clever for so deftly eluding the paperwork, but now I regretted it. At least filling the form out would have used up a little of the empty time I now had. I might have been able to amuse myself by writing in deliberately obtuse answers and a few outright lies. --pg. 80

(Their big romantic scene done in their very low-key way.) "Do you remember the first time we slept together?" he asked.
"Yes." Belimai frowned slightly at the change of subject. "You were so drunk I'd be surprised if you did, though."
"I remember the morning after," Harper went on. "You wanted to make sure that I didn't harbor any romantic inclination toward you. I assured you that I didn't."
"I remember." Belimai watched him intently, as if the next words Harper said might cause the floor to collapse beneath them both.
"I may have lied." --pg. 194

And [a:Nicole Kimberling|1035116|Nicole Kimberling|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1207612752p2/1035116.jpg] edited it and her daughter made the cover (or mother or sister or some guy with a girl's name).

Read this book, read it, read it, read it, read it.

Happy ending? Yes, strong HFN.