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Psychic Moon - M.D. Grimm I had a LOT of problems with this book. While I liked the main characters fine, and it was a pet rescue organization, it was located in Seattle, and there were gobs of wonderful and fun dogs, everything else was a let down.

There was no point in setting it in Seattle, especially since the person knows nothing about Seattle. For example, police officers end up with 8 dogs and cats. Seattle and King County only allow 3 companion animals. It makes no sense that police officers would have no problem with this. Not saying they wouldn't do it, but I think it would occur to them because the area is VERY strict about licensing pets.

Also same police officers allow their large pack of dogs to run loose in a public park. This is illegal for good reason. A hyped up dog may play too ruffly and someone, especially a young child, could get seriously hurt. This is particularly ridiculous in the greater Seattle are where there are a bunch of excellent off-leash dog parks.

Climax unsatisfying because someone other than the MCs took care of it while our heroes just watched.

Vet at an animal rescue:
Derek had threatened to neuter the poor mutt, and the dog took him seriously. Poor thing.

I know of no animal rescue organizations that don't require pets to be neutered, certainly not around here. Even Purebred Dog Rescue requires it. Anything else is incredibly irresponsible.

Pet rescue employee parks several blocks from the park and lets his exuberant and excited dog walk the whole way off leash. No dog, no matter how well trained, should walk off leash near streets. They are animals and will act on instinct if it's strong enough.

No prep for anal sex for a guy who hasn't had sex in ages. The other guy doesn't want to hurt him and yet doesn't get him ready??

This is personal taste, but I find a guy going to a date with three buttons undone on his shirt without anything underneath extremely tacky. I also had a hard time picturing a slight rather effeminate man (says the text) with a beard. It's described as a light beard and that just screams ick to me. Also, both men are hairy. I'm not big on hairy but it's really not as common as all that.

Guy thinks the other guy is a normal human. He notices that other guy's eyes are glowing during sex and he just thinks it's sexy. His reaction is completely absurd.

When one MC is acting werewolfish, the vet (who is still unaware of the man being a shifter) always says the man's acting like a wolf, rather than a dog. The behaviors described this way are typical of aggressive dogs which would make much more sense for a dog/cat rescue vet to think of.

A scene after character is in the ER after being attacked by a wolf. The doctor is talking to an MC:
The doctor raised an eyebrow. "You believe his claim that it was a wolf?"

Derek stared the doctor down. "He's a vet. That may seem like a joke to someone like you, but what he does is important. He knows the difference between a domesticated pet dog and a wild wolf."

The doctor narrowed his eyes and looked offended by Derek's tone. Derek could give a rat's ass."

The doctor is right to be offended as should the vet. It's quite an assumption that the doctor would think that it's a joke. And it speaks of how Derek feels about the vet. He's pretty defensive. It's harder to get into vet school than med school. While there may be doctors who think vet school is a joke, the assumption is ridiculous. Besides, plenty of doctors have companion animals they cherish.

A character is in the ER and has a window in his room. I have never in my life seen an ER where there is a window in the room, and (unfortunately) I have seen many, many ERs in my lifetime, including hospitals that have completely remodeled and relocated the ER. It's in appropriate since it's usually on the ground floor and there often is a lot of blood and gore. There are people trying to get calm and if people can look in the room where they are being poked and prodded, that becomes more difficult. It just makes no sense.

Some timing is off. Someone feels like he is being followed before he starts dating the MC and it's the MC who is being followed and the first guy supposedly only gets followed after he starts dating the MC specifically because he's dating the MC.

One MC willinglylets the guy he's in love with be bait for an insane werewolf without any argument. In fact, he has to convince his love to do it. Didn't fit at all with the growly protective guy he's supposed to be.

The whole thing felt amateurish; maybe it was the author's first book?

Happy ending? But of course, HEA.