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S.H. Allan
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Blood Howl - Robin Saxon, Alex Kidwell I loved this. I loved the characters, the plot, the action and suspense, the sexual tension and the sex too... (both were hot).

I loved that a big guy likes to be dominated during sex, even by a much smaller guy. That is so rare.

There was some instalove but it was necessary to the telling of the story. It came late in the book, it's just that only a short time had passed.

I didn't like that the MC called the dog shifter "Fido." It's condescending and it sounds racist. (?)

I thought it was silly that two gay guys held hands at a gun show. Talk about a group of people (in general) not likely to be pro-gay...

A wolf-aphobic asshole hires a wolf to do a job. Makes no sense.
I love this images: Redford is much smaller than Jed and Redford borrows a pair of the other man's jeans:
So Redford, obligingly got his ass moving. Like he'd seen Jed do, he tucked the gun into the back of his waistband. It promptly fell down the back of his pants, and Redford had to spend a very awkward moment getting it back. His pants did not fit particularly well. Maybe he should keep the gun in his hand instead. Jed had made all of this look so much easier.

One guy is facing away from the other during sex and yet the narrative, which is in the first guy's head, comments on the latter guy's facial expression.

But over all, it was fabulous. I don't think there's a sequel and it's really upsetting.

Happy ending? Yes, HEA/strong HFN.