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Lost in the Echo

Lost in the Echo - Jack L. Pyke I really liked this story. There was a slow-moving part about midway through but other than that, the pacing was nice. The situation was painful and it hurt to read but it felt real. Will's grief was palpable and understandable. On the one hand I didn't like how the whole thing was handled (I can't explain anything without giving it away) but on another, I can see it happening and maybe doing what it was meant to do.

The story really resounded with me because it is the first book I have ever read that acknowledged that foster parents can love their children as much as any other parents love their child. No one has ever understood my bond with my daughter. They've continually told me to give up on her when her difficult behaviors became too much for me. No one would ever have suggested I give up on my daughter if she were my own flesh and blood. But to me she is. I would do anything for her. I don't usually even tell people she's my foster daughter because it never mattered. I love her unconditionally even though her mental health issues make it so that she will never love me back in the same way.

So thank you Jack for writing a story about love and loss and grief that didn't try to define family but let it flow.

Happy ending? Yes, HEA.