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S.H. Allan
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Broken Memories - R.J. Scott,  Diane  Adams 3.5 rounded up to 4 just because.

Random thoughts:

Never quite got why Gio fell for Amad. I didn't like Amad that much for a while. I felt that Amad was using Gio for sex and that Gio really wanted love. Gio was clearly in love--MEGA instalove--but Amad still was aloof.

Contrived part near the end: There was absolutely no reason to split them up for five additional years after everything. Families are put in witness protection together all the time. Since no one knew Amad was gay, him being with Gio would have been a great cover story.

Ages were completely off: In the beginning Amad was 22. He was in the thick of things for two years. At that point he was 24, his brother 17, his sister 14. Trial started one year later and lasted 3 years. Something else took another year and a half after that (wrapping up loose ends or something). Then they are separated for another 5 years. That makes ten and a half years total. Two years before end of separation, Amad turns 32. He should be 30. At time of reunion, two years later, Amad should be 32. His sister should be 24. His brother should be 27. Yet his sister is going to her prom and graduating from high school (four years later for her) and his brother "finished college for the summer." This doesn't even sound like he graduated. Assuming normal college, four years later would make him 21 and graduating. I think the author tacked on the five years at the last minute and forgot to change the children's ages. This is just way, way off.

The narrative was confusing in several places when too many pronouns were used and not enough names.

Happy ending? Yes, HEA.